I have a weird situation with a guy:
He and I have known each other since we were kids but we were never close because i used to live abroad (the reason we know each other is because we are sort of related) he is NOT my cousin! (that'd be gross!). Anyways, I came back a few months ago and we ran into each other he wanted to hang out so we did and we spent hours together in the end we exchanged phone numbers and he asked me to call HIM if I ever wanted to "do this again"... It's been a week and he hasn't called...
I really like him and I kind of got the vibe that he likes me too.... I don't know what to do :( 


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This is a 17 month old question. Why is everyone giving advice (much of it odd) when it will all have changed by now?

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If he said you should call him, don't do it. For the guys it's about he chase, so the utmost you can do is chuck him a text, something vague like 'wanna hang out?' and see what happens. Honestly, if you have known each other your whole life, it could be awkward, so tread carefully. And remember the rubber band theory. ;)

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Yasmin Whitby
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I do like him a lot a LOT.... maybe I should call him after all... thank you all for your answers <3
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You're welcome! And yeah you should call him!
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I wouldn't start a relationship with someone even if they are "kind of related to you" what do you mean by that? A lot can go wrong by dating someone who is related to you, I personally don't think its worth the risk.
If he isn't related to you then it wouldn't hurt for you to call him and see where it will take you from there.
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It sounds like you've got yourself in a little bit of a tough situation here. The problem is, at the end of your meeting he told you to call him. That means that both you and him are in agreement that if either one of you wants to continue this, then you will have to call him. 

The problem in this is that, even if he does want to 'do this again', he may feel awkward about calling you since that goes against the arrangement. He may also feel like he is coming on too strong if he does so, so he may just be waiting for you to make the move. To shift the ball back in his court it might've been a good idea to say something in the vein of "I look forward to hearing from you" before making a swift exit. That opens the doors of communication on both ends.

But that is all shoulda, woulda, coulda. 

Now that you are here, it seems the only logical thing you can do is to contact him. If you feel too nervous about it, it might be a good idea to start by messaging him and exchanging some conversation over text first. 

Once you have established some roots, you can then shift the responsibility back on him to call you if he wants to talk and see where it goes from there. That way he might feel like it's time he stepped up to the plate.

I hope this helps.

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Looks like he's waiting for YOU to call him. He doesn't want to pressure you into hanging out again. Get to know him even more, connect with him again. It'll give you more time to observe his actions!

Good luck!

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He'll have been waiting 17 months by now, look at the date on the question.........
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Ok so what do you really want to happen here?  While I was reading what you wrote , I had a couple red flags rise here. There has to be a real good reason why he hasn't contacted you or just maybe he isn't all that into you  but then he shouldn't hav even met you so this tells me there is more here than meets the eye like maybe hes already in a relationship and wants the icing on his cake. This would explain why hes letting you contact him so if he gets caught he can blame you for chasing him, which happens a lot or even maybe hes gay . I just sense something isn't quite right here but hard to tell without knowing either one of you. My best advice here would be to forget him and just move on and chalk this up to experience and if he contacts you, see what he has to say but please be very careful here with this guy, and even if you knew him form before, he could be using that to his advantage and remember guys are capable of anything in the game of love. Good luck

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What do you wish to do? I mean what are your feelings to do because then maybe I can help you in your decision or tell you the right thing!

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