A guy tells me everytime he thinks of me he gets hard. Does that mean he likes me or just likes me for my body? (we've been good friends for about 2 years)


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Can't be sure if it's just a hormonal thing or if he genuinely has feelings for you. Could be a mixture of both!  If that's the case then...Aww That's so sweet..You make him hard...LoL!
Even though he's a good friend you need to figure out if it's love or is he just trying to get some.
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Hey I'm 14 and my testosterone is goin through the roof, I can get hard openin a packet of peanuts so I wouldnt worry bout it too much :))
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Kinda creepy. Hahah.. Um yeah I would just straight up ask him if it's because of your looks or because he likes you and wants to be with you or something. Thats the best way to go.

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