A guy I like asked me to go hang out with him and his friend. Does this mean he likes me? Or have I been friend-zoned?


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Precious Taylor answered

This isn't you getting friend-zoned! Most of the time guys bring friends along to make the situation less awkward between the two. He may even bring the friend do I put this, check out the merchandise? You know how guys are nowadays. (no offense to the male population girls do it too) He could also be using this hang out to determine his next step. So be yourself, show him what he could have! Try to make the hangout with him no different than with friends. Good luck love!

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Adila Adila answered

Yeah, it doesn't necessarily mean anything, it could be that he's being friendly but on saying that , most guys wouldn't ask you to hang out with them if they weren't the slightest bit interested in you! Mind you... In my situation , I had a guy who hanged out with me all the time and did things that only a guy and girl who liked each other would do and turns out he was just 'being friendly' beware of guys like that! Sometimes they just want the attention , nothing more.

So be yourself and don't jump to conclusions, obviously try and impress a bit but effortlessly , seem interesting (I am sure you are anyway! Haha) ,and well don't make it go awkward, seem as if you are interested and glad to be here. :) Good luck.

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