I was at my BFF's place hanging out, so then I saw this guy which is her neighbor and I have a crush on him. and his friend also said that my crush likes me . the thing is he is 3 years older than me. is that okay or not?


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PJ Stein answered

The fact you are asking this question means he is. A 3 year difference when the younger person is 17 or 18, not a big deal. Any younger is just not appropriate. People grow up a lot in their early teen years, and that is a sizable difference. Many guys that are 15 or 16 that are interested in girls 3 years younger are interested I'm manipulating them.

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Cookie Roma answered

As hard as this may be to believe, at 12 years of age you are still a little kid.  You have no business in this kind of relationship. 

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Dumb Goat answered

Normally, three years wouldn't matter at all but at your age it does.

Tris Fray Potter Profile

You're 12.  That's REALLY creepy that he's 15 and likes you back, if he even does.

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