If A Friend Blames You For Everything, Even Though She Had A Part In The Situation With You, Then Is She Really Even A Friend At All?


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Sounds like your friend is not really a friend at all. A friend will take on the blame instead of passing it on. Your "friend" is only looking out for number one...herself. I think your "friend" needs to take a walk...out of your life.
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A friend will always be one regardless of what they are and how they treat you. I guess, the best thing to do is to accept him/her for what she is and to avoid being hurt by his/her attitude, try, as much as possible to get rid of activities or situations that has something to do with her.
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Michelle (Elle is my nickname)
Is a "friend" someone who purposefully hurts you? Should you really accept that? If someone is constantly manipulating you, you don't need that person to bring any negativity and stress in your life, and therefore, they have no right to be your "friend". Shoot, I wouldn't let a snobbish backstabbing b***h anywhere near me if she's going to treat me like I'm only there to take the blame when things get out of hand...Although, you can if you'd like to live miserably in a "friendship" that you have to walk on eggshells to get through...Have fun.
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She's obviously manipulative and self-centered. Friends can be abusers too.

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