I miss my ex best friend even thoe she hurt me i still miss her and wanna be friends with her again but i really dont know what i should do because if she was a real friend she would not of hurt me the way she did but not in a violet way?


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Nikki Lana answered

Don't be friends with her.  The feeling will fade, I was in the same situation once and still kinda am.  I was friends with this girl for 5 years, you will get through it :)

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If you want to give it another go do so, but be aware that she is capable of betraying you, don't jump in to soon divulging yourself and making yourself vulnerable.  Do something practical together so you are not rehashing old haunts, unless you feel there is something she can say that would help. Trust is earnt and she has betrayed that trust, it is going to be very difficult to go back to that innocence you had with her, your friendship may have to be on a different footing, say a practical one where she is someone you just go to the cinema with but do not discuss your personal life with.

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If you miss her, talk to her and ask her why.  There is always a reason, if not move on for there is always some one else there.
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Ok I will ask...how did she hurt you? Also if she hurt you, she did this knowingly which makes the crime bigger...you know....a premeditated hurt. She's NOT worthy of your friendship...now if she decides it was all a joke...that is even a bigger crime. NOW you have HER out of YOUR life. Leave it that way. The next time, it may be violent and NONE of us want that. She may be a bit psychotic.

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