Regarding this girl me and her are close but she still won't tell me how she feels about me. I do think it's time to move on but it won't be easy. Can't I stay her friend and move on? How should I go about this? It's like she doesn't want to let me go because when I told her I was moving on she did not say anything but when I ask her if we are OK she said she was hurt. I hurt her twice and she still forgave me and now it seems like we are close again. 


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Yin And Yang answered

It seems from your past questions that nothing has changed really. You should probably stop pursuing her and pursue someone who is worthy of your attention.

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Call me Z answered

Based on the sum of your comments on this topic, I think the obvious inability to communicate with each other should have doomed this imagined romance long ago. 

Get with someone who is more outfront and honest. Don't cling to a fantasy. 

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