I love shoppong but its got 2 out of control how do i control it. Cause im rich?


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If you're rich does it matter? But if it really does then I suggest maybe open a new bank account, and set up a direct debit of a certain amount each month from your account with lots of money in, into your new one, this is your allowance every month, this way you will learn to spend less money if you ONLY use your new debit card and pretty much forget about the other ones, this way you can save money. :) Hope this helps :) Good luck.
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Chloey Brown
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Our so jealous of me that im rich do u see my picture of my house its huge and was in the millons category! So be quiet!
Jake Anderson
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You asked a question, I answered it for you... Chill out! And no I'm not jealous of you, because the one question you have answered since you have become a member is insulting someone about their intelligence, when you can't even spell "shoppong" correctly, and you are the most arrogant and shallow person I have come across...
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Use some of your money to buy some brains and then figure it all out as its people like you that has all but destroyed the world today but its your life and we really arent impressed at all
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Arthur Wright
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Sorry my friend, I cannot recall you so some help please
Jake Anderson
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I also recommend you buy some English lessons with your immense amount of money you have, because you're talking like a 14 year old chav.

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