Im in love with a friend of mine. I think we could have a serious relationship. We've talked about it before, and i want to bring it up again, but what do i say and do?I really love her.


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Make your feelings known, Matt. These can be tricky waters to navigate, though. Be mindful that the situation you choose to address this doesn't set her (or you) up to be embarrassed.

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I would suggest approaching  here with a comment about "needing to talk about an issue we've discussed before" and "it involves the feelings I have for you."

That is low key enough that you should get an idea of her receptivity to revisiting the issue and deciding how intense you want to be at the current time.

Best of luck.

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Start by telling her that you want to talk to her about an issue you have discussed before and that it involves the feelings you have for her. 

That should be sufficiently low key that she will respond in a way that will allow you to gauge her receptivity to revisiting the issue and how far you might want to push the issue.

Best of Luck!

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If your love is unconditional, send a short message to her i mean your feeling of love on her. For eg. "You are amazing. Just thought you should know, I Love You". Good luck Matt

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