I'm In Love With This Girl, She Gave Me Her Number, We Talked About Any Thing But It Was Kind Of Superficial. I Thought She Could Be The One For Me. Now I'm Afraid To Show Up Like I'm Interested In Her And I Do Not Really Know What To Do. Can Anybody Guide Me?


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You should be really honest with your feelings. Sometime back you felt, you liked her but as you said after talking to her you realized she wasn't the one for you. The point is if you don't like her or feel the same for her then you should be straight about it. I know it is difficult since you don't want to hurt her. But you shouldn't keep her in dark. You should be honest with her. Nobody has the right to play around with feelings. In such a case, you should gather up the courage to be honest to her and yourself.

Tell her how you feel about her now. Also tell her, the circumstances have changed, things change and time changes too. It's better to tell her the truth, before it's too late and she starts to develop strong feelings for you. Tell her that you really do respect her feelings but she's not the kind of a girl you thought she was. Make it all clear to her. If you try and make it clear to her, she will understand. Don't hide anything from her, because if you do so, it could make things worse. So it's good for you to go to her and speak your heart out. It is difficult to carry on pretending that you love her. This way you're hurting her and yourself too. Also tell her, you're sorry if you have hurt her in any way.
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Don't be afraid to show her your true feelings. A girl likes honesty and she likes to be treated the right way. Before you go into things let her know upfront that no matter what your always going to be by your side through everything. If she loves you back then go slow with things don't rush. Keep the relationship interesting and a little bit mysterious.
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how about being truthful in the beginning, loser

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(Sigh) LOVE...confuses you doesn't it? 

Hahaha, I'm kidding. Anyways to help you...BE HONEST hun. No one likes a liar. 

If you can't be honest with her & yourself, who can you be honest with? 

Honestly, in my opinion go over the facts. Do the suggesting later...because honestly, once she is gone, she's gone.. You will drown in grief all because you didn't tell her. If anything tell her. Come clean. I know this answer sucks, but hey you asked for an answer, you got one. 

You either like her...or not. If not, be friends. If yes, tell her. But most importantly be yourself.

I know what you're going through hun, believe me, I went through the same things & in the end it was not pretty, all because I failed to tell him my feelings.

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DO YOU...My dude take all these people's comments and throw em away, delete them all, erase THEM FROM your memory, of them all asap like now. No I'm JK JK everyone has a  great valueble point. Listen to everyone. You can only Benefit from all this. So here comes a essay, LMAO !!!.member DO YOU/be you, be honest, talk about her ask about her you listen atleast 75% of the time, you wanna learn as much as possible, and remember it the most random times and places a quiz will blossom lmao, stay calm, breath, nd run far far away from any type or the site of drama lol, remember it's just talking, the worste things that could happen is 1 she doesn't like you, the way you like her or vise versa but we all know how it feels yes its shitty, hurts, nd sucks. But my dude don't let it change your mind set on girls women whatever. Striking out is the way of life, it happens to everyone more then once. It's happened to me as well. Many times, no joke, but who cares. If they say no to you then say ok, don't get rude. Change subject, may get a little awkward but you control that because you hold the subject and the convo you can change it to anything you want. Random things can bring laughter nd take awkwardness mood away. Stay positive and think there are plenty of other girls, let's go find me one...if and only if she shuts you down....That's the real adventure searching for the right one finding out she isn't then going on the girl hunt again but this time your stronger nd hopefully more confident. You should be nothing less then confident do to you have delt/felt the worste pain From a girl saying no. You now have a little edge on your -/+ you can try now to perfect them but member DO YOU. 2 she says YES she feels the same way,  woohh all the stress for nothing life moves on good for time being. DO YOU .... 3 she says possibly let's take it day my day, 50/50 chanes your thinking cool cool May be nervious but try not to be, even if it don't work out you tried, so either be friends, move on or gotta go completely separate ways if friends is not at all possible or seems to sound like it will work. She will most likely see other dudes and you need to be able to accept that. But respect her, she may change her mind in the future, you just never know. Let her come back to you. Stay in touch but leave a boundary.  Don't look desperate, don't always be up her butt, play it cool and smooth. Show her you care but that your not pothetic. Just make sure you don't play GAMES if your bf/gf or even if she says let's take it slow. Girls do not like games, it sketches them out, pushes them away,  makes you look bad, plus girls can play dem games to, and there really good at them. Girls be going nd gettin buck wild on you lol,  will get you when your off guard. Then you go from being the hot shot (well so you thought) to looking like president bill Clinton when the world found out he was a horn point You will look silly nd its just not worth the drama . Plus girls can be Much better then us at the whole playing games. We'll maybe better then most guys not all haha yes I said it ladies, gotta give all my broskis out there a little dignity. Don't be haten lol. Try not to beat around the bush get to the point but with some manners. Eas it into the convo try and take relivent things nd bring it into the conversation. Don't wanna boar her or even worse overwhelm her. Most important be you and only you, if you don't then eventually see will see the real you and we'll that goes next to lying #1 don't do btw nd she may only like the fake you or be mad cause she liked You for you whole time but now doesn't know what to do cause you lied and how can she ever trust you know. Either way could be shitty situation could go  -/+, but choose what makes better sense in your opinion. Depends on how you look at the whole girl situation man nd life. Not trying to sound like a old man, I'm only 24 but been in the ring with the devil. I just about lost K.O gone of planet earth, but I'm fighting back to the top so I can't say he didn't beat me just tried taking me out.  Life's about choices and the better choices usually will take you further in this crazy world we live in and are so proudly lucky to be apart of lol. You choose the type of man you want to be, known as now nd remember as when your in the future,  and people look back to think of you! I have no regrets but but I do wish I handled nd madddeee different decision in life such as how I treated  long term gf, short term gf, how I acted in and towards school nd staff, my decision on kids I chilled with during/after school, nd the activities I participated in while trying to show off, impresse, or even just to try nd look better, doesn't feel good man  had it all  but it cought up to me when I matured and when I looked back at my younger section of my life, was not to happy. I thought about it and was like wow was not me. Never was being me, was to busy trying to be what everyone wanted me to be/do/say/act ect. All just to look better for girls, or girlfriends ect. You know in life you just have to learn to make decent choices for the future results and actions to be satisfied. Easier to set yourself up well with a good respectful rep, no regrets, nd just knowing you did you weather people liked it or not, cause at the end of the day all you really have is yourself nd your dignity.  After being fake for friends nd the fame with the ladies isn't worth it maybe all fun at that very moment, nd time, but then you will Look back when it's to late or might be getting pretty close to being late and ask youseIf WHY DID I lie to her or act like a jerk or ever played games, such games include cheating, mind games, disrespectful type games, saying mean/stupid/immature things to her just cause those kids you used to call friends wanted you to or made them laugh. Cause they are gone nd could care less about you. Now who looks silly see don't need that bull on your shoulders. Well good luck my dude.  That is if your still awake didn't fall asleep reading this. Choose your own life, 

DO YOU!✌️Out 

P.s my bad for the essay ! 

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According to me you people should 1st try to understand each other nicely. If you're ready to accept her as she is and love her then you just simply propose to her. If she too loves you and understands you then she won't deny you. Try it just once.
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Hey tell me one thing  that why did you wrote first letter of every word in capital ...So please I need to know this please....if you can't live wthout her then go ahead and tell her express your self in front of her that how much you love her So she definately never reject you and understnd yr feelings..don't worry

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