What type of girls are guys dating now? What do they look for in her?


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A sense of humor. Someone who loves to smile. Some one who is genuine, trust worthy, and doesn't play hard-to-get knowing darn well just how badly I want her. Someone who respects herself, no wearing revealing clothes who respects herself as a lady rather than a sex robot. She doesn't have to be perfect.
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Lianna Lins
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Aw, you're so special!! I wouldn't be surprised if you have lasses fallin all over you, man =D
Jermija Wilde
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Hah, I actually I've only had 3 girlfriends and I haven't dated in 3 years.
Hugh Farrell
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I remember when I used to b dat soppy den I realised no girls go for da soppy guys so now Im da nice non soppy guy 0.o
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Guys will always go for sluts. Its in their nature, since they KNOW the slut will sleep with them asap. If hes a mature guy or man he'll go for someone who he can have fun with, someone that knows how to take care of him and someone who can appreciate them. Mature guys are like girls, they want someone that will love them. But a guy (a childish one) only thinks about sex so he'll go for a slut
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Guys date fun, popular girls but I do not recommend that. Guys should date a girl who is his type, not just a cool girl. If he does, he is basically using her to look cool in front of his friends which is wrong. Love is more important than a reputation.
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Sadly, guys are shallow, so if u are looking for a relationship that WON"T last or mean anything whatsoever, then I agree w/ all the ppl that said stuff before this comment.

Guys who aren't serious and are just looking to have a gf will want someone who they can fool around with.

Honestly, I wouldn't recommend doing this. Look for someone who will like you for you, not for your body or for your looks.

But it's your life, I suppose. It's your choice.

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