Why Do Men Need Women?


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It is rule of the nature that all animals are in pair according to definition of species. . They need each other in order to propagate themselves. At the same time every individual has loving passion by birth. So not only men need women but also women need man.
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What the hell would life be without women, we would get bored with playing football going fishing going climbing if we didnt have a wowan to suport us and tell us how great we are.
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To have a relationship called wife.
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To have children and enjoy life.  Better marry than having relationship.
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Because we are a  sexually reproducing species. It is our natural order of things to be male and female. Without women men would not exist and without men women would not exist. Both sexes need each other.
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Some For Love and Care,And Some FOr Only Sex.Its Depend Upon Nature of a Man. I thik most of Man wants Women for Love And Care,But It is always right that esvey man want a women.women is best thing made by God.
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Men cannot survive without a woman in his life some men dont know how to cook,clean etc and men need love just as much as a woman do a man is never complete without a good woman in his life
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Men need women to give birth to a boy or a girl after they become fertilized by his live spermatova in her window of opportunity during her ovarian 28 day cycle.  This is the primary biological reason that men need women.

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