Why Do Men Ridicule And Belittle The Woman They Are In A Relationship With?


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It is likely that everyone asked this question will come up with a different explanation for this unpleasant and certainly unacceptable type of behaviour.

Putting them all together, each and every one of these explanations will boil down to some inherent need in a male to assert their perceived superiority over women.

Sometimes this is because they actually believe that they are superior, a very sad, medieval mindset many males still seem to suffer from.

In some instances, it is a case of showing off to so-called mates. This is probably one of the most annoying situations, when an otherwise quite reasonable partner suddenly needs to show that he is the boss, the one who knows all and everything and makes the decisions.

A third group actually feels threatened by their partners, sometimes due to imagination, sometimes because of actual superiority of the woman. In this case, it is a sign of insecurity and feelings of inadequacy.

Whatever the reason, it is a very hurtful thing to be subjected to and in many cases it will eventually lead to a separation. Where it doesn't, one has to ask why on earth the woman puts up with this sort of treatment.

Having said that, it is always easier for an outsider to determine what should or shouldn't be done in a situation than it is for those involved.

One would hope that in this day and age, all men would finally realise that women are by no means their personal property or slaves. These attitudes belong in the dark ages.

Sadly, many still have to learn that although women are different from men, they are by no means inferior to them. Each gender has its strengths in different aspects, complementing each other, rather than being superior or inferior to each other.
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Men who ridicule women in any way are sad pathetic creatures. They are the ones with no self esteem. However what type of women have they been with? Women that are grateful for a man no matter what? Maybe their mortgages has been paid by these men together with the bills. This has allowed these men to feel in control. Rise up girls and take your power back... It may not be easy but you will get there. Life is going to shovel dirt on you. Each of our troubles is a stepping stone.
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Maybe it gives them a feeling of superiority. It might have something to do with fact that the traditional role of the male is no longer that of the boss. It's become more acceptable to have relationships in which there is equality between the two individuals. Some men "need' to be in charge one way or another, and demeaning their partners makes them feel they are. Of course the problem could just be that the women allow it. There are still some women who will take just about anything except responsibility for their own lives. No one, female or male, should tolerate that kind of treatment from a partner.
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I wonder that same thing and the only thing i can come up with is that they have no self worth so why should you.It's like that the only thing that makes them feel as they have some type of control or say so.
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Not all men....there's men then there's boys.... Part of the male gender who hasn't grown up....then there's things men say that are meant just for fun and both parties laugh....but to intentionally hurt your wife or girlfriend in such a way to put her down or upset her genuinely is ridiculous and unnecessary....
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Yeah thats true. I think its something people do when they just havnt grown up. Its their immaturity speaking but then men never really grow up lol. I also think its their insecurities speaking, i mean they are unsure of themselves so they target and try to make their women feel rubbish, because they are sometimes intimidated by women; in a weird sort of way.
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They are just plain, stupid don't know what they are saying an honestly if a man needs to put his wife or girlfriend down than I can only imagine what self asteem that loser has, I basically see it if he doesn't have respect for you he doesn't respect himself, so that probably means that he doesn't love you that's my guess he's just comfortable, an your the only person he has its more of an obsession which is confused by saying its love
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Women do not like to get mistreated.   They end up in a situation without a clear mind (instant love & lot's of partying.)   The true male expresses who he is & boom the woman is in the dark triangle.   Trying to be strong for her child yet is neglected and belittled by the spouse.   How is that ok?   Both are equal in having a baby/relationship.   The man ends up working having his social & financial rewards but yet the female is stuck cleaning up spit and relying on her spouse.   To compare the two, you have to realize you can't, because if the man who get's a complete fulfilling day & comes home to abuse the spouse, there is no justice.   Ladies, we stick together..   It's not competition because they do have power, it's unity to show we are alike.   Some situations are great other's are not.   If your in a bad one, don't be mad sitting next to that cute girl, say hi, & I guarantee she will be your friend & will bring up....
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Women do it too, some are jealous because you've lived the life they never had, or they are pushing you away because they are afraid of getting hurt, it's not right to do, but we don't always know we're doing it
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Women do it too. Both sexes like to blame the other for all their injustices, but it's really just a human thing.

To accuse an entire sex of wronging you and others of your gender is just small-minded and pathetic. Bias is to be expected, but when women bemoan the fragile, violent sensitivities of men as if it is characteristic of every man, well, that's just as bad as the men who complain that all women are brainless, soul-sucking girls who're just bitter that they never found a man that fit all of their unrealistic fantasies. See, from either side, it just seems pathetically incoherent of reality.

If you find yourself leaning towards either of these bias, it's time for a
BIG reality check. Otherwise, you'll never find that deep and long-lasting connection that you want, because you won't be able to stand your partner (and they may not be able to stand you for very long, either, if you always seem critical of them).

The question isn't even directed at men; it's asking WOMEN for their theories on why men belittle their female partners. Do you see how skewed and insincere that question is?
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Because women enjoy it.  Guys who are continually supplicating to their woman's moods are seen as weak by their partner.

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