Why do men only use us for our body and throw us away after they are done with us?


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Some men might do that, but I am sure that not all men do. If a man does that to you, through pots and pans at him.
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Ashok Aditya
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Ray Ottewell is right..... Not everybody like that.... In India we worship female as the Power and Almighty... So we do have great respect for women....
Ray Ottewell
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Thankyou again Ashok.
catherine adams
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Hi Ashok, following you - great answer - Catherine Adams
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I think by reading some of your other questions that maybe your choice of boyfriends is at fault, maybe you should set your sights a little higher and find someone who respects you more.
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Because they can.  We let them by being easy.  Yes easy.  We let them have whatever they want including sex.  It takes a while to genuinly love somebody.  Some of us think that we have to give him sex or else he wont love us.  Guys who havent had the chance to know u mentally will not keep u around.  They will use u from time to time. 
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Javen Martinez
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Great answer...As a guy I'd have to say that's 100% correct. If we're not connected to you on a mental level then we're just goina use you for sex. So don't be afraid to make him wait a little (don't go past a month) if you want it to be serious
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May be your body is somehow sweeter than honey

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