How should I impress a girl?


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In my opinion, holding a girl's hand even when your with your or her  friends tells her that your not afraid of showing affection to her in public. Be  nice to her and treat her with an occassional gift. Wearing something nice and smelling good will also do the trick. Dont be clingy towards her but dont be too distant. Girls like men who know how to show just the right amount of attention. Complimenting her looks or personality shows that you are paying attention to her. Help her by opening door or helping her to her seat. Looking at her when she talks and actually listening is a great way to impress girls.  Show her that you can be a lover (:
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Always be yourself.. Never dis her infront of your friends or anyone.. Tell her she's beautiful instead of hott or sexy.. Take up for her. Things like that. Lol (: Just don't act all sweet & caring then get around someone or your friends & act completely different. Good luck!!
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You should be a gentleman! Girls will FALL for that! And just be charming
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While one of the easiest ways to see if she's interested is obviously to
go up to her and speak to her or even have a conversation with her.
However, even before talking, try starting with some eye contact – look
at her if you’re in a common place. This does NOT mean that you check
her out head to toe or leer at her. 

Just give her smile, see if she
smiles back or looks at you. That’s your cue to go up and start off a
random, light conversation with her. Don’t for god sakes go and propose
to her immediately and don’t you dare go and introduce yourself saying
“myself so and so…!”

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For me it's a sense of humor, and cologne. But not too much. And also, HUGS. :)
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Naresh Naresh
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If i be like you said then what will happen?
Maddie Hart
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I am a girl. Hahaha.
Maddie Hart
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She might like you, and she might not. I also forgot to add, if you have a great smile be sure to show it off. And dont be too clingy.
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For me;
i also LOVE hugs. Treat her real nice, and don't treat any other girl the same way you treat her.
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Be yourself. Be nice though. Say stuff like "Ladies first", open doors for her, compliment her, treat her like no other girl.
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Be her friend and tell her shes beautiful and stuff dont call her hot she will think your just one of those guys that goes out with her for a couple months and then breaks up with her for somone else

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