How Can I Make Friendship With A Girl Whom I See First Time On The Way And She Also Looks Me First Time And I Think It Is A Case Of Love At First Sight. Tell Me How Can I Make Friendship With That Girl?


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Hey man don't you think that if a girl looks at you, she is interested in you. It might be the case that she is just enjoying herself by looking at the boys hanging around, as we boys do just to entertain ourselves. One thing more, boys often do like girls passing by them or when they see girls somewhere, but it's not the case that all of them should be liked or proposed. The second thing is that are you really serious about the girl or just interested in passing your time.

Well if you think that you are really serious about that girl and you really want to be with her, than first you should seriously think about it dude. You should not make your mind to flirt with her, and just to make her a girlfriend for making an impression on your buddies.

First you should decide that the relation ship which you are going to start is not just for fun or based on pre calculations, secondly if you get yourself committed to a girl than you'll have to be on the track till the station comes. If you are interested in just being friend with her, first try to spend some time with that girl. As girls need time to accept things, normally they do not accept changes, especially boys. Show yourself as a decent gentleman; act as a cool, caring dude. Only then the girl would agree to be your friend, other wise she would rate you as a cheap, low standard freak. And the main thing is that always use a proper and decent way to approach her, not those typical cheap ways to impress a girl.

After being friends and having spent much time, you can decide whether you people can go along as life partners or can remain good friends in future. If you think she is the girl which used to come in your dreams than just start to make her feel it.
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Hey I m recently given paper for my 10 class . There is a girl in my tuition . She is too cute & sexy that when I see her my heart starts beating @1000km/hr . But I have not talked her still her. I truly don't know wt to talk. Please dear suggest me at   satyendra crazydude
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Find a topic of common interest and be a nice guy and maily yourself we all hate posers and most of us hate when people pretend to be who there not.  Wear a nice outfit like jeans and a polo shirt or any great manly clothing yet sensitive and it should have yourself in it . If you see her looking approch her and say I saw you looking at me . Allow me to introduce myself I am ______.  Whats your name? Then compliment her on something and ask her what she likes and tell her your  interests and find something common and talk and try to make plans or say I would like to get you know better can I call you sometime? And theres your intro rest you have to be yourself.
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No, it is not love at first sight. It could be possible that both of you were walking and both of you happened to make an eye-contact at the same time. Do not expect sparks to fly, these largely happen in the movies. However she may be 'interested' or have an innocent 'crush' in you. Whatever the case may be, you should just go and talk to her bravely. What's the big deal in it, once you see her making an eye contact with you again, just go upto her and start a small talk with her. She will soon become friendly with him.
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Hey Bro's There's A girl In my School But She's in Other Class, can you tell me how should I Start Talking her and she'll Be always be in urgent and I don't get time to talk to her and by the way she stays in my area only and in area she'll not come out from her house can you please tell me how to start talking to her
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Take it easy at first, just smile at her if you see her, then maybe say hi. If she smiles back and returns the hi's, strike up conversation with her.
When you guys talk, be polite. Try and make her laugh, and don't act like a jerk in front of her. Find out her likes and dislikes and chat about them to her. Before long, if you're nice, kind and interesting to talk to then you should become friends in no time!
If she doesn't return your hi's, find out if she goes to any clubs, like a sport of drama one. Impress her with it!
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Make her laugh once in a while and see if she laughs then that means shes your friend and I think then you should start hanging around her too much then she going to think that you like her and if you do ok then
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Maybe she was looking towards you because she want to know why you are looking towards her. First you have to know about her that who is she, is she engaged, or may be she doesn't want to make any relation with you. These are all perceptions of mind. The best way is that you just go and ask her if you really like her then. May be it was just an attraction because somehow it happened that you saw any one and you feel that you love her. But when you develop a relation you realize that; no that was just an attraction. So first observe that are you really in love with her then ask out, because it's a matter of a relation not a game.

Talking about love at first sight is actually an emotional attraction for a stranger. On that time, the stranger may or may not be aware about the intention of the other person. You feel like that because at that time your eyes meet. So you just thought that may be she also like you. Yes it can be so, before asking her, get all the details about her then ask out.

Best of luck and wish you all the best to get your love.
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Mind your languages,interaction and dressing...then secretly look at her and know if she is looking at you,  Proceed futher and start a small discusion : At leat say 'hi' ...
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Do not feel shy. If you have feelings for some one than you have to express it .Do not wait for it.but do not expect more from some one.have confidence in your self.
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Just have the courage to walk up to her and tell her that you see the way the two of you have been looking at each other and that it wouldn't be nice to just look at each other and not know each other.From then on introduce yourself politely and make her feel confortable talking with you....I guess you won't hit the jackpot but at least you could get your heart's desire.Luck to you!
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Ask her a question
can you help me with
do you know what this means
drop something infront of her so she picks it up say thank you my name is ------ whats you name thank you can I buy you a coffee you seem like someone I would like to get to know
please look at my questin
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Its not that easy and also not that difficult to make a girl your frnd or life partner. First of all try to understand her things, her behaviour, her background, her like and dislikes,, then at last go a head and take her to a trip and do as she likes and just propose her from that place I'm sure if you have gone through correct tract she 'll never leave you or neglect you. Its from my life experience facts. Its really happens but take care of her in the beginning later everything 'll b in your hands thats all. Take Care.
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Try to understand the feelings and emotions of a girl then go to her for friendship you must know the girls habitations
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Just try to read her body language first, if you think she's also interested than try to talk with her (when she's alone or in group far from her house) or if you can't than try to make friendship with her friend.
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I try to find something we could both be interested in and share. Try to start a conversation about a family pet, t.v. Program, class project. Ask open ended questions. A question that requires more than just a yes or no answer. A wave as you pass in the hall.
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Firstly you decide what type of friendship you want .Then you can decided what to do .After that you should be confident  in making your decision .Do not expect more from her.The main important thing is that of mutual under standing.
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Boss first thing will be on your mind in which situation you and she meet or looking each other. If any temple or bus or malls then don't take any tension just cool and relax. See like that that you know her 4 a long time then go say to know me...if you don't mind may know your gud naam ..??? I think I know...if I m not wrong then the answer wil clear that you want to be frdnsz or just time pass..finally sorry can we make frnd..???
EnJoy Life ...jAI bOLe KI....
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Try to find all of the things you all have in common such as
1' your fav. Color
2' do you have any pets,if so what are their names
3' does she have a bf[well she may think that is being forward]

well just get too know her...and MAKE HER LAUGH that ALWAYS works!!


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Hi frnd...I like my tution teacher's daughter.we always have a good time.we both talk nicely in front of her mother. I want to take her out.plz suggest me what to do,

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