There is a guy that really likes me at work. He would try to go on break exactly the same time as me. He also surprised me by hugging me and complimenting me on how I look. Although, when I added him on facebook he would rarely like to chat. He would send a few message and then he would say that he misses me and will chat with me tomorrow at work, but then ends the conversation. 

Why would he not like to chat on facebook or send me messages? I have told him before that he is a good friend even though I can tell he wanted to be in a relationship with me. However, he hasn't really said it, but I can still see that he wants more than a friendship. I am just confused that if he really likes me then he would try to find ways to talk to me on facebook when I am not at work.


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Jessica, it's hard for Facebookers to understand, but there are many of us who dislike that kind of pseudo-communication. If you're interested in the guy, meet him where people used to meet until about ten years ago -- in the real world.

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Tom  Jackson
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And a great big non-religious "Amen!"
Didge Doo
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Hi Tom. I had a Facebook account for a few months but the inane drivel people kept posting on my page drove me NUTS. Never again.
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Maybe he's just a bad typist and he gets finger twisted. He'd probably rather talk to you face to face rather than over social media.

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Apparently he's not a big "online talker".  The fact that you apparently would like him to be, doesn't change the fact that he doesn't want to do that.  You seem to like him so my word of advice is to accept this and don't  (as so many females do) try to change him to do this because you want him to.

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