How Can I Start A Friendship With A Girl On Mail Or Internet?


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There are two types of girls on internet. Good ones and bad ones. Hope you have got my point. So, it is your decision that which one you want to make friend of yours. I am going to tell you modes for both types. Good girls seek for decent guys on internet. They want somebody who should be very nice by character and who should know whatever is going on in this world. They want a buddy who should listen to them and who cares for them unconditionally. Bad girls seek for cheap guys who should make friendship with them just to satisfy their sensual needs. They want a guy who could discuss sexual stuff with them the way they want to discuss.
Now if you want a good girl then you should talk decently and you must be pretty cool. You should develop friendship with her slowly and steadily. Tell her about you and ask general and daily life queries from her. Ask what she likes and what she dislikes. Hold discussions on very general and normal issues. So she will stay with you for long.
Otherwise if you are seeking for a bad girl then you should talk cheap and below standard. You should discuss her sexual desires and ask that what she wants from you. May be she would be an expensive friend for you. I am sure she will leave you soon.
Whoever you want, you need to improve English and you should know what to say and when to say. Good luck!
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To start a friendship it is better to be truthful about what you say about yourself and how you feel?. It is a general known saying that no relation ever lasts which is based on a lie. Making friends on internet or mail can be easy and difficult. To do that obviously you need to know if she is using internet and her address. Then simply mail her saying whatever it is you want to say, truthfully along with careful not to push or pressurize her with your words and your intentions.

Tell her your wish to be friends with her or maybe that you like her. Tell her if she knows you already or not and something about you who she can rely on and decide whether she wants to or not. Friendship on internet usually doesn't need one to be able to trust because one is usually not likely to come in contact other than the internet and it is kind of the same expect that you know the address. It is always better to write to her and not to jump to conclusions when she does reply you. Try to understand what she means and then go on from there. Try not to go too fast or too slow.
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Try emailing her a lot of times or chat with her. Ask her a lot of things about her like her interests and dislikes. REMEMBER A GOOD CONVERSATION ALWAYS LEADS TO A GOOD FRIENDSHIP.
Try chatting with her about your interests and what you do. Try talking to her as often as possible and and ask about her day and try to start the conversation and think of a really good and not boring topic about which you know you can make a good conversation to (make sure that the two of you can respond on that topic).
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Well, first rule is to keep everything simple and be extremely honest. Talk to her as if you are talking to one of your best friends.

Talk about her likes and dislikes, but most importantly try to find things in common and elaborate on it.

Try to establish friendship and don't ever say that you love her. Just be straight and say do you want to be friends. This is all you have to do..


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