How do I make a girl I'm trying to end my friendship with leave me alone? She's very self centered and lies about everything. We also work together and she never lets me focus on work, she's always gossiping to me. How do I get rid of her?


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While I enjoy shooting the breeze with you, Linda, my projects and my work is beginning to suffer from lack of attention. So, I need to focus on my tasks right now. Let's try and catch up later. Thanks.

Repeat as necessary. Put your head down, focus on your files or your computer or whatever you need to work on. Say your piece and get back to work. Don't respond after you've given your speech.

After being ignored, hopefully she will get the hint and go sit back down.

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That's a toughie because you work together. You could approach HR and complain about how she distracts you from work.

Avoid responding to her as much as possible. She might be able to read your body language and get the hint.... Frown a lot and keep your arms crossed in her presence.

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She's really not one to take hints at ALL...I tried ignoring her today and giving her one word answers, but she still kept talking to me every second. and honestly a lot of things she lies to me about make me uncomfortable:/ but thanks for your answers guys, I'll try to take care of it
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Have you tried just telling her to stop and leave you alone?

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Start indirectly correcting her about her bad habits. Make constant comments on what a bad habit it is to lie. Tell her you think gossiping is a characteristic of weak minded people. Tell her this numerous times every day. Just generally say negative things about the qualities she knows she has displayed. Eventually, she will hate being around someone who she feels criticizes her and she will do her best to avoid you.

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