Would you rather date someone new or get back together with your ex? Ever done both? How was your experience with each one? Which one did you like better?


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I went back to an ex once in my life and it will probably be the last.  The reason I broke up with her in the first place was because she was so controlling, jealous and didn't trust me at all. She's the type that has to know where you are ALL the time, goes through my phones pictures, messages, etc.  I could be at home watching football by myself and a buddy invites me to have drinks with him.. It's last minute so I just throw on some clothes and rush out to meet him.. My ex calls me and starts flipping out asking where I'm at and who I'm with. I would say I'm with a buddy just having drinks and she replies "girl or boy"
Anyways.. This was the reason I broke up with her.  We talked several months later and she was telling me how much she's changed and how bad she felt for the lack of trust in our previous attempt at a relationship so I gave it another shot. Within a week she was going through my phone again and demanding that I tell her anytime I want to go somewhere without her.  Long story short..I broke it off with her and pretty much explained the reason why she doesn't have any success with guys. She was totally pissed of of course.. But she needed to hear it from somebody right?
Lol! There is a reason why there called ex's..  You have to remember that you broke with them for a reason and if you seriously think a person can change that much... Your a fool.

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