When You Like Someone How Do You Get A Date With Him/her?


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The Instigator answered
God gave you a voice to communicate . Use your gift be honest and just ask.  Will hearing the words "No thank you" be the first time you've heard them.
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Talk to him/her.  In the conversation, ask if they've seen the
trailers of this or that new movie and what did they think of it.   
If they liked it, ask if they'd like to join you when you went
to see it(Yes, girls.  It's okay for you to ask him out).  ;-D  
If they didn't, ask if they'd like to go out to Dairy Queen,
Baskin Robbins or something instead of a movie.  
You've got your foot in the door, the rest is up to you.
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walter jedyk answered
Invite them out, and tell them
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John answered
Ask them out on a date.i'm taking this is a guy asking a girl out,so bring candy,flowers,tickets to a movie,concert,someplace that interests you and you think mite interest them like a museum(art,science,conservatory) ,amusement park.

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