When you leave someone, or someone leaves you, how do you get rid of the pain?


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patricia hebert answered
How long was u with your mate? I was with mine for 25 years,the pain has never gone away, i still cry,and he has not lived in my home for about 3 years. You have to be strong hold your head up. All of the answers that the other user posted are good answers, i have done them all.soon the pain will go away little by little, u will never forget
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Write all ur feelings down on paper....and u decide wat u want to do with it...send it to her..burn it...scrap it..keep it...writing always helps...8)
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Alonia Freckles answered
You try your best to move on and try to forget all the pain. Start talking and hanging out with other people and try to have more fun even if your feeling down. The only way is to think positively that you decision was made for a reason and that some day it will get easier
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Try to forget it is thge best way and look foward
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alexia smith answered
Move on. Find somebody new. Get more friends=) just try to forget about them. That happened to me and everybody said i wasnt my normal self for a few days but im normal again=)
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Its hard... :( but its life.. And as life goes on it'll get better. It always does. Everything always gets better.
Find a positive hobby that occupies your mind and requires focus and concentration. And improve yourself in any fashion so that in the future neither will happen again

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