Is The Term Homophobia Misused?


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It is a clich word. Like Hippie was at one time. It is a classification of an individual based on perception in most cases. Just like calling someone who drinks alcohol an alcoholic or a Christian who is zealous in their faith a Jesus Freak or someone who is gay a fagot. Any classification is in and by itself a form of racism. As the classification usually has a negative residual that then puts that person in a position to be singled out and judged. If someone is fearful of a homosexual perhaps they have had a prior bad experience, such as a molestation as a child, and the reaction or attitude is based in this issue. No one should criticize or judge someone until they have a full understanding of the issues surrounding their beliefs. In a perfect world, but it is what should be remembered before calling anyone by something other than their name.Two wrongs don't make a right but someone can loose their rights if not careful.
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patrick mc mullan
i agree. what bothers me most is that society has been swayed by the sheer numbers and has held its hands up and said ,lets just legalize it and therefore normalise it. in doing this i believe they are promoting a false image of homosexuality. i am not saying it would be good to go back to the draconian measures of imprisonment etc, as practiced today in other countries. but i don't want impressionable children being taught that it is a normal behaviour and should be accepted as such. rather i would teach compassion and understanding of their plight as i would regarding an alcoholic , or someone who suffers from mental illness. the prisons are full of people who have turned out wrong because of childhood influences. nevertheless, their behavior still needs to be controlled. it is my belief that if this behavior continues to flourish it will ultimately mean the destruction of family units. are we going to see heterosexuals fighting for their rights in the future. i am glad my sons are all grown up now and that i dont have to face coping with this . most gays i know are very pleasant people and i would not wish to cause them offenccce, but if i have to accept them in society then surely they must also accept my rights and opinions. i do find it offensive when someone would brush aside my concerns as nothing more than mere homophobia. i would much rather they argued their case logically. but when i see them parading half naked on the backs of lorries promoting their sexuality and snubbing those who have real concerns as bigots or religious zealots it angers me. maybe i am just too old fashioned in believing in families, in marriage and in standing up for my beliefs.
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The real problem any moire is this Teen TV! I always would tell my former wife, XBox, as I know refer to her, that the worst shows on TV especially for kids is the Disney Channel. It portrays all adults and bumbling idiots or just plaing "Lost in Space" and all the kids as the back-bone and structure of the family unit. It totally protrays kids talking back to their elders and way more intelligent. Then as my girls got older and the TV turned into MTV it was amazing! I remember when MTV first started and watching the very first minute of the show. Now it is not Music TV but now the MTV is "Muff, Trans-sexuals and Vast-Vartiations of the something else! I mean I had thoughts of Playboy women and pretty much hetrosexual sex, but today these kids at 7 know if they are gay or whatever they may be? My 13 year old was telling me of a fellow 8th grader and how she has anal sex with several different guys becausxe she didn't have protection? Lord help this younger generation! Have you ever seen that show Sweet 16 where these totally rich 16 year olds have their birthday party and get 5 cars! What will these kids grow-up to be with that much input at 16! I guess old age is a creeping me out!
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This might be better as a debate. No the word is not misused, there are many people that are homophobic in the world. You however are not, even though I don't agree with you about the reasons for homosexuality. If it were true, why would homosexuality show up in the animal kingdom.
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patrick mc mullan
cannibalism shows up in the animal kingdom but that doesnt make it right. disfunction among animals too are well documented. even among chimpanzees.
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The assumption you make here, Padraig, is that homosexuality consitutes dysfunction. Your point/argument there seems to work only if you consider sexual behavior as being exclusively a procreation behavior. If's function is for pleasure and recreation, as well, rather than only for procreation, the term "dysfunction" becomes a moral judgment once again.

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