How do babies who can't talk yet think?


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Probably in the same way that many adults can talk but cannot think...
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I looked at your profile and you ask good questions, and know how to reason and write well for the age you give. Before the acquisition of language, babies cannot think, at least not in any sense of the word that we and you would call thinking as self sustaining people. What we may call image-pleasure processing is what babies can become capable of doing during the months leading up before the beginning acquisition of symbolic (i.e., language) interpretation capability.

Many people have held the whimsical belief that some babies (mostly themselves) can remember early babyhood events; but this is not true because holding a memory of anything requires it to be conceptualized in lanquage. (And, if you can imagine, it is probably best for any baby that it cannot remember early and pre-partition events.) A baby might become familiar through repetition with a mental image picture, such as its mother in combination with her voice tones, but it must have learned a language representation of that person before it remembers its identification as a certain, significant  person such as "mama." 

I noticed you like pets such as horses and chickens. We have cats, and sometimes dog at our house. I mention this because pets provide a good way to understand what human babies (so long as they are babies) are capable of, and when. For example, seeing the mental capabilities of an adult cat . .  Which attains a mental age between 2 and 3 in human terms, you come to see also the stage of (say) "thought" capability in a baby at the same (2-to-3-year) age level. A  full grown cat, for example would demonstrate very little,if any, of what we would call thinking, mostly vocalizing to get things it needs such as food and affection touching and displaying brief curiosity (touch and smell) about new things it encounters in its environment. . . The same things a toddler 2 to 3 mostly does.
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All humans have a natural instinct: Food shelter water.  They know they need these things, even if they can not communicate their need.  That's why babies cry: They know what they need, they can't get it themselves, and they're trying their best to communicate that.  They may not be developed enough yet to say "I'm feeling hungry, will you please feed me?", they are smart enough to know they need food.
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John the baptist(the wild man of God who shoute d the word in the wilderness) leaped for joy while still in elizabeth's womb when he heard of the coming of Jesus and mary's visit..God knew us before we were in the if god knew us we must be a learnered/thinking people before we are even's all in the bible. For John to leap he had to know who Jesus was before he was even to be how is that for being thinker. And yes learnered is a word i looked it learnered colleague and i tried the case.ha!: )
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Nobody officially knows.
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John leaped for joy while still in the womb when Mary visited Elizabeth. So how did John know who Jesus was or when he was near. He had to have some intelligence/be able to think to understand didn't he?
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Nobody knows!!! =)
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God does.
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He sure does nomad :)
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Very good, Nomad and I liked ur answer about Mary and Elizabeth. Excellent choice to prove the inner goingson.
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Humans (and all animals too) are born with 3 things given by God to keep them alive.1. Self-preservation, 2. Self-gratification (comfort), 3. Self-procreation.  #1 includes getting food when they need it.
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Some  Of It Is Instinct But They Hear Everything Around Them That Is Said And They Soon Repeat It
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It's an innate ability,just like suckling it's mothers nipple.Nobody ever told, or showed them what to do
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The problem is perminate memory does not start until at least age 3 or 4. So none of us know what we thought then. But of course they can think and remember. They know who their mother and father are went they are only a month old.
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Because they have life.  Living things are made up of energize cells which react to the enviroment.  That is how God made us, beings being one with the Spirit/sensory capacity. In humans it is called thought!

Talking is not a necessity for survival as someone who is dumb clearly demonstrates but you must be able to be sensitive to your internal and external environment to survive.

What a Creator!

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