What Do You Do When You Like Two Guys, But Ones Dating Someone And You Have Liked Him Forever? But You Like The Other Guy Alot Too?


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Merlin Paine Profile
Merlin Paine answered
Well for all practical purposes if they are both in a dead heat for your interest then it would be best to start with the one who is not currently  involved in a relationship. If it does not work out by this time then maybe your other interest will have become available, and that will save you any trouble that might arise from you competing for him with someone else. It is all elementary my friend.  
Good Luck and may the love you are longing for find office your heart......
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HKP hkp answered
Hey, choose only one.
Alexis Marie &&single!! YAY!! :) Profile
Ummmm go for the guy who u think will treat u best... Ta tell you the truth i think you should go for tony..... Caz he treats his gfs wit respect.. And he really likes youu..... :) and ik this for a fat caz last night he told me he felt like he was goin to cry... :( but do wat makes you happy chick.... :) good luck.. :)
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Either play the field or choose one and go all out for him. Personally, go for the better of the two
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yarnlady answered
Relax, take it easy, give it some time, a relationship is not something you should rush.

P.S. If number one is already taken - cross him off your list.
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William Harkin answered
Go out with the"other guy you like a lot too".You wouldn't want to be called unpleasant names,wold you?

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