What Happens If Your Best Guy Friend Likes You.. And You Kinda Like Him... But You Like Someone More But Who Doesn't Even Like You At All?


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No good hankering after someone who doesnt know you are alive.
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I understand this is hard for you but think about it. Go for someone that likes you back. I mean, if you get held back by someone that feels nothing for you, what is the point? You would just be putting your love life on hold! DD:
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If he is your friend now, and likes you pick him, if you pick the other one he rejects.  The one he did want you may not want you anymore
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Well if you like a guy more than another try and get that boy jealous by looking hot on the spot. And also hanging around with guys if you have enough money ask a hot guy to pretend to be your boyfriend for 5$ or whatever,Then hell get angry and ask you out . But if he never noticed you make him by saying hi or nice shirt or nice hair it will attract eyes his eyes.

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