Is it right or wrong to shove food into your child's mouth when they do not want to eat it? What if they are overweight already?


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Technically it would be wrong but you have to think of it form the parents perspective. They are just trying to make sure you eat enough to last you until your next meal.  I feel you maxi!  When i was younger my mother would always put food on my plate. I would hate it and act like a child afterwards. But as you grow older you begin to understand their intentions. Now, whenever I get to have dinner with mom, I love it when she places food on my plate now!  Its so funny how time changes your feelings towards the littlest things.
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Did I say my bro is overweight? Not me though. I eat as much as I can. My mom does not yell at me for not finishing food. Only at my bro who is overweight.
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Its all outta love though. Can't blame em for loving you guys so much..
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Okay fine. If he becomes obese and dies early, not my problem.
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Yes it is wrong, but if there child is anorexic, it could be there love and worry for them that makes them do it. If the child had to go to hospital, they would force feed them there, but I am not condoning it.

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