Why Is It That Some DADS (or Moms) Do Not Want To Pay Their Child Support?


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My suggestion to you is this:  Raise it back to what the court's initial decree was [$225.00] and if he is not working, that should give him a little bit of incentive for him to get off his tush & feed & clothe his children...♥Nassy
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He is working but he says 175 is way too much and constantly asks me what i spend the 175 on each month...it's like he wants a run down list of every little thing i spent ''his'' money on!!!!!!!!
On his two children!!!!! You may offer him 'copies' of receipts "if you wish" as you may need to provide them to the courts at the time of your hearing dear;okay sweetie?...♥Nassy
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I myself don't understand the logic of those absentee fathers who refuse to support their children.  Even in cases where the mother is spending most of it on herself. For me thats neither here or there regarding the fathers contributions. If he believes his kid is not being looked after he can ask social services to investigate. I would be looking to pay more when I possibly could unless there were extreme circumstances and even if another man was on the scene. In my mind, regardless of whether or not my wife is raking in the money from her financially better of new partner, it's still my child and i have my obligation to him or her and no one else. If I was in a financial rut, I would try to explain my circumstances and keep paying what I could get.   But , thank god I have never been in those circumstances. :)
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Its just awful that some dads don't want to pay. They helped make the child, but yet they don't want to help care for the child. I have 2 girls to someone else (my soon to be ex husband) and he said he'd rather sit in jail then give me a dime in child support. What he don't realize is that his words and actions aren't hurting me, their hurting our daughters'. He hasn't seen them in a year and has no plans to. I finally filed for support a week ago and we have a mtg dec 11 but I don't think he'll pay ( I don't even think he's working!!) but oh well, at least my son's dad is paying the 175 even though he constantly bitches about it.
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I am in the middle of a divorce and was awarded full legal and physical custody. My ex is supposed to pay just over $400 a month in child support--which is the minimum amount here in CA for two kids. He refuses to pay since he says he sees the kids so little. He was given very little visitation and no overnights until he goes to parenting classes. Which he refuses to do because he says he doesn't need them. He also won't work so he won't have to pay child support--though the amount he owes will just keep accruing. Do not lower the child support. You should take whatever the max amount is. And child support is supposed to help pay for food, shelter and clothing along with all of the other incidentals. I guarantee that $175 doesn't even make a dent in that. And it isn't his money once you get it. It's yours and your son's. You are not legally obligated to show him what you spend it on.
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I cant believe your ex is doing that to you!! Its just hurting your kids and that's not fair. I know some dads are awesome and great parents, but some just need to grow up, ya know?
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We believe that he is bipolar (and we think he knows it) and that's part of the reason he won't do anything--he is convinced that he will make a million dollars on his software ideas and take the kids away from me. I am not worried about it since he has been working on this idea for 10 years. And even if he did make a million, he still wouldn't get the kids. I really just wish he would get some help and be a better dad to our kids. It's really hard on my 6 yr old son. It honestly just breaks my heart.
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The sad part is that MOST woman use the child support they claim they need so bad for their own clothes, car payments, house payments, smokes, beer, drugs, etc. It is called CHILD support! It is to be used for things the child needs clothes, shoes, food, etc. You might think that $400 is a spit in the bucket but BOTH parents are to be financially responsible for the child so if the father is paying $400 a month, YOU should be dishing out $400 a month as well for the child which = $800 a month! I believe that is plenty enough money for a child to live on each month!

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