The father of my child is suppose to be paying child support can he sign his rights over and if he does will he still have to pay child support or not?


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When you relinquish your parental rights, you are giving up the right to direct the child’s upbringing, including any decisions related to medical care, education, and religious upbringing. You also give up the responsibility to monitor your child’s behavior or provide food, clothing, or shelter for your child.

  • Once you give up parental rights, you are also giving up your right to have any contact with your child, including rights to visitation or telephone contact.[1]
  • Sometimes, you can negotiate an arrangement where you are allowed to contact the child, but these arrangements are highly unusual and hard to enforce. They often occur only where the state has moved to terminate the parental rights, not where a parent has voluntarily sought termination.[2]
  • Be aware that during the termination process, you will still be responsible for the child. This includes any child support payments due.
In many states, you cannot relinquish your parental rights unless someone else is available to accept them. This will ensure that the child does not become a ward of the state.
  • Typically, if one parent wants to give up parental rights then both parents must agree.[3] Furthermore, there should be another person waiting in the wings to adopt the child, otherwise a court is unlikely to approve of termination even where the other parent agrees.
  • You cannot give up your parental rights simply to get out of child support payments.[4] A court does not terminate parental rights unless it is in the best interests of the child.
This is only some limited information on this subject. Each state has their own rules.

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Who is he signing his rights over to?

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well right no I have full custody of my little boy I just didn't know because his father is always saying he is so he don't have to pay child support I thought that there is suppose to be some other person to take his place I wasn't real sure that why I asked
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I believe the only one he can sign his rights 'over to' is YOU.  If he gives up his rights to his child, then it can be negotiated that he is no longer required to pay child support, and you would have full custody. Laws differ from place to place .. But, I don't think a parent can reliquish rights for the sole purpose of getting out of paying child support.
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You received good answers from the others ... I will just point out further:

In many states, grandparents and other family members have NO rights other than what the parents are willing to give them.  So if he "gives up" his parental rights - he may also be giving up any family privileges of grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc on his side.

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