Does A Father Have To Pay Child Support If All His Rights Were Taken Away?


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As being a responsible parent even though you have divorced your partner you responsibility remains with your children. This will help in maintaining good relationships with your children even after the divorce.
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If the father has signed away all rights to the child in a court of law (not having custody or visitation  or  if only parent has parental rights...say the mother... Then yes he pays)  but if as I said  If he is taken to court and asked to give up his rights and sign over the child to the mother like if she wanted a new father to adopt the child legally.... Then NO he does no longer have to pay child support for the child he gives up all parental rights to.   ALSO judges do not take this lightly a father can not go to court and just sign away his rights so he never has to pay support for the child, if that was the case every dead beat would want to sign away the child to the other parent  It is not a way to avoid child support, it is usually done when a step parent wants to assume responsibilty for the child and legally adopt  or in life threatning situations.
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This could be possible if there is back child support owed! Then that to is up to the judge on when the time frame and the amount that has to be paid! After the fact no they do not, do to the fact that in quite a few states there has to be an adoptive father in order for the father to sign off his rights.
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Usually not. It depends on the State. Contact your local support enforcement office to find out for sure.
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Does the father still have to pay child support if he signs over his rights to the child
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I wouldn't think so, but this is definitely a case for an attorney.  In my state, as long as one pays their support, they are entitled to see their child.  Even sometimes a deadbeat is allowed to see the child without the support.
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It is still his child, no one should have to pay for a child two people made, file for child support in court and allow the court to handle it....
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I don't know what the law books say, but I hope Fathers. Like Mothers. Realize that Child support is more than giving money and Children. Although it may be difficult for them to understand this, especially because of their age. Children must understand this as well, especially when Fathers have the love but not the means which enable beneficial economic support.

A Good Father plays the signal role as PROVIDER...he enables discipline in reason, promote an understanding of long term gratification as a master over immediate need..He instills a system of order in a child's life which, I will grant you, is hard to establish when the father and mother and child(ren) do not live under the same rule as it evolves in a symbiosis of intermingling lives.

A father is the chief Problem solver; the creator of the mystery that propels action for survival,
he is the STONE/ROCK that tempers the nervousness when the bricks in the family "house" begins to fall. He finds the missing piece for the puzzle created in the mess of this unit of interaction in the Family Frame (man,woman and child(ren) and turns it into laughs

He is the shoulder for all even from the distant chair, he calms, and he sets and sees the Hope when mother is overtaken in her natural embracing way.

Yes he is the representative of the HEAD in the house, on behalf of the Father God, as his triangular frame is lifted by the woman to who he gives his ultimate Joy and so points up all to the love for life...
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Unless the child is legally adopted by another man, signing over rights DOES NOT terminate child support. And its a good thing it doesnt or there would be crappy men signing away thier children just to save a few hundred bucks a month. Imagine having to tell your child that dad signed a paper saying he isn't your dad anymore, because he doesn't want to give you money. Think of how damaging that would be to the child.
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no the father is no longer a part of that childs life when they sign their rights away...but who would want to sign their rights away over giving their child money..???
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Yes, the father is still responsible for raising the child even though he has no rights to see the child. It is so sad when adults can't get along when they are effecting the children. Adults should be more responsible and do what they know is right for the children as it is not the children's fault that their parents don't get along.

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