Do I Have To Pay Child Support If My Minor Has A Baby?


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I believe also that if your child is adult enough to have a child and be unsupervised enough that either you should have custody of that child, because the other parent is not caring for them or child support should stop!
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Yes, you are responsible for your daughters support until she reaches the age of 18, in California. You are not responsible for her children, though.
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The is an idoitic law..If they choose to have a kid- then they should be automatically imancipated.
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To Crocketta, Opinions are like A--H---S, everyone has one.
I would surely hoe that you are not yet an adult, with your comment.
Welcome to Blurtit, have fun, stick around a while, you may learn something.
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Bossman is right.  Any child you are the father of, you pay till they turn 18.  Any child you aren't the father of  is not your financial responsibility.

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