How Should I Bring Up My Children?


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With lots of love and moral values. The bible is the best place to get a lot of answers.
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Bringing children up is a perplexing and important role for parents or anyone responsible for the care and well being of children.

It's the most important job in the world- I think and often undervalued because it's not a paid career as such.

I think if you give lots of love and install values into your children from a young age you'll do a great job.

We love our children unconditionally and are often misguided because of this.
I think it's important to have firm guidelines as regards behaviour and what is acceptable and what is not.

I think respect for themselves and others, good manners, and lots of time are good starters.

I do believe that children should have as much time as parents can give them. Walks in the countryside if possible and a respect for the environment and the creatures within it was something that paid off with my now adult son and 'adopted' daughter.
I think that children should be able to express themselves as equal members of the family but a line needs to be drawn sometimes. This is more difficult as they grow and assert their own personalities.

I fully believe that education in life and school and higher education is a good gift to our children and gives them the passport to knowledge and good carrier.
I don't however , believe that we should expect children to live up to our ambitions for them as they are their own people.

At my Granddaughters christening last week the Vicar reminded us all that our children are not owned by us, they are a precious gift and their own people who deserve the best we can give them. I think most of all love, support , protection and being able to let them develop and go is important.

I hope this helps as everyone has their views on bringing up children but I'm very proud of my 'two' and the values they have although it hasn't been' plain sailing' by any means!

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