Why do people (regardless of age) even ask if it is ok to date or even just flirt to a guy/girl that is in a relationship? If you've ever asked or wondered that, have you thought of the idea of another person getting in your relationship?


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Many of those who ask are very young and really have no idea what Love is all about so they try and come up with all these strange notions of what is supposed to happen or not until they get their heart broken and knew exactly what jealousy means and then they grow up real fast and no more of these stupid ideas
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Absolutely agree and understand, I actually just ask, somewhat in a retorical way for all those kids out there who are confused, just a way to open their eyes into a respectful way of life where they respect themselves and others.
People, specially young people, will get hurt and that's ok because it's part of life, part of growing up, but there's times when those pains can be prevented, but for that we need agree to learn from other people's experiences.
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I completely agree. On the other hand you cant help who you like, so i think people do that to justify liking someone they know they cant have, ya know. I totally agree with you though.

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