I Have A Crush On My Teacher, What Should I Do?


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I'm going to assume you are in high school. It's normal to be attracted to the opposite sex. And when you are in a class with this teacher and she's nice and happy and motivates you (and probably you are a better student as a result) you like that feeling. You feel on top of the world whenever she smiles at you and talks to you. You want to let her know that you love her. I'm sure you've heard about how people your age have strong emotions and this relates to all the hormones that are circulating in you ( sorry but it's true) So you think you are "in love" . Well you are having a normal reaction and it's hard to make good judgments when this is occupying your mind every time you see her. Hey, this feels good and you want her to have that feeling for you too. It makes sense to like her and feel happy in her class. But, and this is the hard part to hear, you aren't at the age to really understand mature love and what that involves. That is hard to accept when you have these strong feelings.

You can love her as a teacher and a human being, but you aren't in a place in your life to act on what you think is a mature love that you need to express. The way to "love" her is to be the best student that you can, and make the most of having a great teacher. She will appreciate a student who has enthusiasm in her class and wants to participate. Aside from this, you will eventually learn that there are acceptable boundaries we all have to follow to be emotionally healthy and socially accepted. Please control your urge to tell her you love her because you will feel total embarrassment, and huge awkwardness after you "relieve yourself" of this feeling. You won't be able to feel really comfortable around her again.
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Well, the most important thing is that you are sure about your feeling that the way you feel about your teacher is just an infatuation or the state of crush. If you know that this is crush then you must also be knowing that crush takes a very small portion of our feelings. Such feelings just make us to feel good for a time being, but if they are mishandled then they can lead us to very serious problems. I think this is a natural feeling faced by most of people in various situations.

Feelings never see who the next person is but as we have the powers of thinking and taking decisions so we must get right gain at right place by these two gifts. So, if you feel like that you have certain infatuations type feelings about your teacher then do think with your mind first because this teacher-student relationship is very delicate and courteous. So, don't let these feelings to rule upon you because they will take you to some terrible situations. If you let others know about such feelings, they will of course curse you because this is a very noble relationship and one must never think about his or her teacher like this.

You must think about another aspect too and that is why are you thinking about your teacher like this. It is possibility that you are highly impressed by the personality and knowledge of your teacher but do respect your teacher instead of thinking like this. Just think about the reasons why are you thinking like this and then try to cope this type of feelings.
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Well, this depends on your age, but you should really be careful either way. If you act inappropriately, you could get your teacher dismissed and then it would be impossible for them to get a job. In the UK, a teacher cannot have a relationship with a child aged under nineteen. In higher education it is a dismissal offence, but it still happens, that's where the questions of morals and ethics come into play. People who are adults feel that they should be able to have a relationship with other adults, regardless who they are, but teachers have a duty of care to their students of any age.

It is likely that your crush is because you admire him or her, but you really need to forget it and move on to someone of your own age, before things get tricky and difficult for you and your teacher. That would be terrible.
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I think its totally normal to be crushing on your teacher (been there done that) but you still have to remember that he is you teacher and nothing can happen. He can lose his job and possibly his teaching license and depending on how old you are his freedom. Just don't do anything stupid that's going to hurt anybody.
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You're not in love with him because one you don't know him to the full extent of his being. All you know is the professional teacher part of him but you no nothing of who he is outside of school. Second you're not in love with him because when you are in love you know it, there is no "i think" involved. Its like a being hit by a train, there's absolutely no mistaking it or thinking about it.
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It's hard not to fancy some teachers but you really shouldnt  try to get them to like you that teacher could go to jail or lose his/ her job. That could go on his/her criminal record and they would have a very very hard time finding a new job and they are TOO old for you!!!!!
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That is actually very common among teens. You need to find another crush with someone closer to your own age. Just give it a try, maybe at the next school event, put this thought in motion. Good Luck Sweetie.
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I think you should focus on your school work and let your crush subside. As flattering as it is that you hope he has a crush on you it will probably not happen.
He is your teacher, he is there to teach you....
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This is the same as crushing on a celebrity, you can't trick yourself into believing you have a chance, because I'm sorry to say it, but you don't! Sometimes, the truth hurts and you just need to understand that whatever you feel for him, he is not feeling it back. Imagine yourself in his position, what would you do? You certainly wouldn't make a move, because he doesn't feel for you!
Sorry, but it's the truth.

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