Does My Friend/Crush Have A Crush On Me?!?!


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Crystal answered
I think he does but you have to be honest with him and tell him how you feel and see what he says! Hoped I helped!
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Hana Luvaza answered
Yes, he likes you and he gives you the sign by trying to protect you. Maybe he's too shy to tell you that he likes you, so you have to make the first move. Just tell him your feeling towards him if you like him too.
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Being Honest Is A Great Way Too Start It. But Lay It On Gently. Yes You May Love Him And That's Great But Tell Him On His Own. Don't Get Other People To Do It For You. He'll Respect You More Face To Face, Just Be Confident And Good Luck

xXx TalkToTay xXx
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Carly Jellson answered
What do you think?seriously???hug??protecting?either hes dreaming of being a body or loves you!!
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Kitty Grant answered
He doesn't love you.... But he does like you a lot. It's rarely true love.   Good luck! <3
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Raquel Marie answered
Yeah I think that he might have a crush on you. But if he does not then he is just trying to protect you an he might think of you as a brother  or a sister.
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mae jones answered
He defo likes you! The boy I liked was like that with me so I flirted with him like none stop and then he asked me out and told me hes liked me for like years now iv been with him for about 2 months or something like that so just flirt! Xx
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Me and my boyfriend hugged 3 times in 1 day... And I'm 10! And he protects me, so what's it to you?
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Nicole She
Nicole She commented
U r kind of rude and too young
Anonymous commented
Um... Nothing wrong with being young.. Like.. Honestly.. All my friends started dating in gr.5 so um HELLOOO im in gr.7 now? Yeah and everyones dating.. Kissing so lay off! Your not her MOTHER kthanksbye!
Cait S.
Cait S. commented
Uh.. Yeah I agree, age 10 is WAY too young for you to be dating.. And the Anonymous above.. No comment..

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