I have a HUGE crush on my teacher. How to be sure if he likes me too? I sometimes feel that he does. What should I do ? P.S. We are almost of the same age group


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There are certain relationships that are off limits. Wait until you are no longer his pupil.

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Are you in high school or college?

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Nana Daydreaming
I'm about to graduate high school. I'm 18
Yin And Yang
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I did not know you were THAT young! There is no way he could be a "high school teacher" and be "around your age." You need to stay clear of him like YESTERDAY! IF and I mean a BIG IF he "likes" you in that way.... he is a pervert and you don't need that. And if it is just a school girl crush like I originally assumed it was in the first place YOU are risking his future AND career! STAY AWAY EITHER WAY!
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He could be fired and never teach again if it was discovered that he was involved with a student. Keep your distance for his sake.
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Regardless of both your ages, he's a teacher and you're a student  DONT GO THERE 

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It's not a good idea. Your teacher is an authority figure. It doesn't matter if you are of the same group. Please do not pursue this course. Talk to an older person who will tell you the truth.

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You do nothing, this is your teacher and he knows the rules even if you don't.

At the very least you are going to embarrass yourself, this is a school girl crush.

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