I've had a crush on this guy for ages and im pretty sure he likes me too. We mostly text but we went to the cinema a week ago and it was great, but a few days ago I just stopped having feelings for him and I have no idea why. What should I do?


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I have 3 pieces of advice:

1) you could slowly start to distance yourself away from him  (don't go out, be a slow reply etc.)

2) you could nicely tell him that you feel this way, and that you'd rather just be friends

3) wait a few days until your really sure you have no more feeling left before doing something about it.

After all your not sure if he likes you back yet he might just wanna be friends. 

Maybe going out to the cinema made you realise you didn't like him as much..

Goodluck to you :)

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Lilly Gray answered

I know the feeling. Distance yourself from him, but don't be a sudden ghoster. That's NOT good!! The slow replies are good. You can always just say, 'look, I like you but I just want to go out and meet lots of people. I don't want to be restricted by a relationship etc.' if that's the way he goes. Good luck!! I know this situation SUCKS!

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carlos Striker answered

He cleared your illusions?

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