I met a guy online a few months ago and then just a few weeks ago, we became a thing but then just the other night he sounded really distant. I've tried asking him what was wrong but he wouldnt tell me.. What does this mean?


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I think it means that he's no longer interested. If there is no communication then there is no relationship. Sorry :(

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Darling Divaa
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It sounds like he doesn't really know what he wants right now.
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Are you sure? Because this is seriously hurting me... He didn't reply to my last text and i just cant get him out of my head. We always talked about when and where we would meet up when we both get the chance and I don't know if I should still believe in what we still could be, you know :(((
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Well if someone who you really like and says he loves you is not willing to talk to you then something is not right. I'm sure this is hurting you and he should realize that......Maybe try giving him some time and space to sort things out. Things could be going a little too fast for him... Good luck..
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Too many possibilities to say what he's thinking .. Could be as simple as something is going on in his life that may be a little disctracting .. Like a family member is ill or he's is ill, or job woes, or what ever may be troubling him .. Or his life has taken a different route and the distraction may involve someone 'else' .. Or even the 'relationship' he has enjoyed with you has come to an end because he simply just not that interested anymore...  No one can determine what HE is thinking other than HIM.

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

With guys , its hard to tell so this could mean anything  and I could spend all nite listing possible reasons and not hit the right one, but I am getting a strange feeling this guy may not be what he appears to be and this happens a lot on the Internet, so please be very careful.  For now give him the benefit of the doubt since he cant make direct contact with you and see if he re contacts you on here in the next week. If not, then he wasn't meant to be so forget him and move on, but remember anyone can become anyone they want at anytime on here. 

If someone sounds too good to be true, they probably are and trust your gut feelings more than your heart as the heart has been known to and does lie so just be careful meeting people on here.  Good luck

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