The last year I have dated a guy on and off, we have had sex 3 times, one time we went 2 rounds, 3 days ago we stoped dating again and tonight we had sex again I asked him if he was playing me and he said he loves me and kissed me, is he playing me?


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Cookie Roma answered

Based on your question it seems you already know the answer.  Listen to what you know and don't talk yourself into not believing what your instincts already know. 

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Stop having sex with him and see how long he sticks around. If he stays without the sex than maybe you're not being played. If he leaves, then you have your answer.

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Lilly Finkle
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It starts with a kiss then somehow he finds away to make it more even when I say we shouldn't he all ways finds a way...sometime I even say that I am to sore and I can't do this and he grabs me and then everything happens to fast, my mom or dad are never home to help because they have jobs and I. Think cookie roma is right I feel like I should leave him because I am tired of being hurt this way... :-(
Cookie Roma
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Right on point.
Rath Keale
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Dragonfly is right. Listen to her.
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It sounds like it. You are worth more than that, when you find someone else hold off on the sex and see if they really like you.

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The short answer is yes he is playing you.  If he were interested seriously he would want to be with you, care about you and your welfare but he's not is he, respect you as a person.

He's using you for sex.  Kick his sorry butt out of the door and never speak to him again.  Oh and learn something from this, it's a hard lesson but if you demand respect then you'll get it.

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Lilly Finkle
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I kicked him out 4 hours ago and I am nonstop getting calls from him. And text. And emailed stuff and he got me a necklace at some store and I am getting upset with all that stuff... I feel bed for doing this but I feel like I had no chose.
Sharron Prestcott
He's having a tantrum because you've changed the way you're dealing with him. You've taken control of the situation and he's having a hard time accepting that.

Don't feel bad at all, he's used you which says a lot about his character.
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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

The truth here is yes he is using you as boys only live for 3 things; eat, sleep and sex.  Boys will lie to achieve any of the three so chances are if he knows he can get what he wants from you easily, he will keep coming back, tell you what you want to hear and get what he wants. Unfortunately, you don't mean as much to him personally as you would probably like so you are a means to an end here. Time to break off all contact with him and find someone who is interested in you and wont put sex as a high priority in the relationship and don't look back unless you plan on going there.  Good luck

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Lilly Finkle
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I dumped him and he keeps bringing me gifts and sending messages and calling and it is driving me INSANE... 8-(
Arthur Wright
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Hes desperate as you just cut off his gravy train so if needbe talk to the Police and get a Temporary Protective Order against him and/or press Stalking charges against him as youre safety comes first here
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thanks all, i told him i cant date him and he is leaving me alone know and once again thanks for your help.

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dragonfly forty-six
You're welcome. Glad it has worked out. You were brave and stood up for yourself. Good for you. You did the right thing because you deserve better than him. You go girl... :)

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