A guy asked me for sex and I said no and then he put his hands in my pants and I started to walk away and said no again and then he touched me again and then I went and had sex with him because I felt like I had to. Is this rape or not?


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You can argue that it is. Some people may say that it's not, but most people will. And if you ask me, I think that that is definitely rape.

It's quite simple: You were physically coerced to have sex with him. Although he didn't come on to you violently like in many unfortunate rape cases, he did force you and that should still count.

But then again, in the end you did have sex with him. If you decide to press charges, lawyers may say that that would be a sign of consent in the end. Even though that's just messed up, you should be aware of that as a possibility. So be careful about this.

I'm sorry that you had to experience something like this. What that guy did was wrong. You should never feel like you have to have sex with someone and people should respect that.

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Talk to the police. Stop this man, because he'll continue doing this to other girl's. It isn't right to let this man run around, asking girl's for sex. And yes, it IS rape. You didn't want to have sex with him. You wanted to walk away, defending yourself.  I guess at that moment, you felt hopeless, and couldn't stop him. You felt like you needed to do it, so he wouldn't over do it. Like hit you, or even worse. Talk to your parent's about this, or a close friend. You got to do something, or else you'll let this man continue to rape other girl's. You're just letting him win, if you don't do anything about it.

If you're scared to talk to other people, then you're just letting this slip by, letting a rapist continue to hurt other girls. But really, it depend's on you, if you think it's rape or not. If you really didn't want to do it, then it's rape. But if you felt like you 'had' to do it, then it's not rape. But if he used force on you, then yes it is rape. Hope this helps, and you try to do something about you're situation.

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No. Well yes and no. Yes because on a "moral" value to most people you felt "pressured" legally you didn't stop him. You had sex with him period and in a majority of states that isn't something to go on for a criminal case. What you can do is research in your state what legal actions you can take if you want to, even if its just a sexual assault charge its still a charge. But as a women if you don't want to have sex with someone then don't call 911 kick  and scream but to say you felt you had to...come on now. Now if you are under 18 we have a problem if not you are an adult learn to fight back and say no. Go to your precint ask what you can do and best of luck to you.

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You were undecided and he made up your mind for you. Rape? What rape?

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