Is There Anything Wrong With Having A Boyfriend At The Age Of 15?


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Your parents are right I'm afraid. You should really be focused on your schooling as you are going to need your education to survive in life. It is so much harder for a person to get a job if they don't have a diploma, and even some college. This is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Sorry to side with your parents here love, but you really should listen to them, and you can be friends with him right in the meantime.
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Well because you love him so much, i think you should compromise.Try talking to your parents and working hard at school to show them otherwise. And if he loves you as much as you like him,then he won't forget about you.No worries,it will work out.And try not to get too worked out with this.
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hey anushkam, i think what you say is right. and i did try to work it out with my parents. But my parents are really strict. Words won't do any good. So right now, all i can do is wait, and do really good in school. I am trying, and hopefully that he won't leave my side, because i am willing to wait. no matter how long it takes.
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I think you should listen to your parents my cuzin with through the same thing but she got so caught up into him that she dropped outta school, education comes first if he loves you he'll wait for you.
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I'm younger than you so just wait at least a month or 2 he wont forget you
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Education is first. I'm sure you set goals for yourself at a younger age, and at no point (I'm guessing), during those plans did this boy come to mind. I'm 31 and hit a couple detour roads because I was 'in love' , at your age and in that situation ( like yours ), it may not be the 'love' as much as the independence you are feeling the want for. The separation from the norm of 'family' that can get so boring and frustrating especially when it seems to be holding you back. It isn't holding you back, it's holding you in place. Do they allow you to date and hang out with friends, if so then they aren't so bad. If not then there really are some issues that your family need to work out and you need to hold on and keep your sights set to the best for you. Get that school work done, look at yourself and love yourself. Know that, if nothing else- he's interested in you and let that be your boost. He may move on......would you if you were in his shoes? Waiting isn't easy for anyone. Just know that it's only a milestone and LOVE YOURSELF
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You need to be confident in your relationship, if you are both good together and he sees that, then of course he will wait for you. School work is important, yet I managed to get through it all with a boyfriend I saw quite often. You just need to get the perfect balance, which is difficult but possible. If you are really desperate to see him, do something of which will make your parents realize that your boyfriend won't do your school work any harm, for example ask your parents if he can tutor you. That way you get to see him as well as working hard studying. Good luck lovely!
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We'll I'm in 6th grade and my parents allow me to have a boyfriend even though i cant go on very big dates and stuff (even though i went to a dance with him last night). Me and my boyfriend are both 12. I think that maybe you should try looking for somebody in your age range, 3 years is quite a bit of time. But you could also sit down and have a big conversation with  your parents that exactly what you just said above.
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"I am 15 years old, and I have a boyfriend who is 17, going on 18."

Im 15 as well, also have a boyfriend 17 going on 18, as long as its a good strong loving relationship, everything should be fine, ive been with my boyfriend for over a year now and my schooling is fine :)
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If it becomes a sexual relationship then it could backfire. If you are just dating and there is no sex, you should be fine. Let your parents know your intentions in the relationship. And explain to them what you want out of the relationship and what your boyfriend wants. If you and your parents can be honest things can be worked out. Work on some compromises like study time always comes before boyfriend time.
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That depends on what kind of a relationship are you having. At your age school is more important. Analyle your situation, if your performance at school is starting to drop then you are better off without him. If you are still doing well then i don't see a problem with seeing him as long as you 2 are not intimate because you are too young and believe me i know how a mind of 17yr old works, if he tells you that you need to take your relationship to the next level then leave because there is no 15year old who is ready for that will remain so for the next 3 yrs if not more.
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Nahhh nothin wrong with that my friend. Im 14 and i just snuck out to go party with this 17 year old its perfectly fine.....oh yeah your old enough to show him to your parents too its not like your never gonna grow up and date people. They'll understand.

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