Does It Hurt When You Lose Your Virginity?


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For girls the first time you have sex may be painful because a woman's hymen is broken. The hymen is a membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening; it forms part of the vulva, or external genitalia.

It is natural to have a little bleeding when this happens so don’t panic if that’s the case. Your genitalia will be sensitive if you are a virgin so there will be some pain on entry. As he goes deeper, there will be more discomfort. However, this can soon turn to pleasurable sensations too.

After a few times, the pain will not be there any more and providing your lover is not aggressive, it will be pleasurable all the way from then on.

The two things which will make your first time a nice experience are being physically ready and having a gentle partner. So first, only let him penetrate you when you are turned on enough, ie you are wet. Foreplay is what will get you there.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend loves you, and you do want to have sex with them, then say it’s your first time. Girls in particular, should let a boy know he must be gentle and if he’s going too fast, tell him to slow down. He should either be experienced enough to control himself or nervous too and do what you say.

If you don’t feel ready to have sex, you are not ready. There is more to overcome than physical pain so only consent to sexual relations when you are 100 per cent sure. You can find out more about any of these issues online or by contacting your local sexual advice clinic.
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It really depends on who you are losing your virginity to. If the person you are with is gentle and careful it wont hurt as much as it would if your with someone who isn't gentle. It also depends on how ready you really are, if you are very nervous  your body will be tense. But if you are 100% ready to have sex and you KNOW  you are with the right person your body won't be as tense and you will only have a little discomfort. I hope this helps
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...from your picture you look like a boy. I'm very sorry if I'm wrong about that, no offense intended!
So if you are a boy the only kind of pain I know of that you could go through is the pain of embarrassment. I hear guys talking about their first time feeling so good but being embarassed about "not lasting long" or not knowing exactly where they were supposed to aim. But, they get the hang of it after a few tries so you will too.
If you are a girl...95% of girls who lost their virginity went through some kind of pain whether mild or extreme. So, try not to be scared because tension will make the pain worse. Hopefully this person you are losing it to will be gentle and understanding, because that will help you relax even more. Good luck! Use protection!
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A lot of people think the first time has to be painful, bloody, or both.  But that is not true.  If the girl is relaxed, in the mood, and well lubricated she should not feel any pain at all.  The girls who do feel pain are usually the ones who did not do their research, who rushed into sex without knowing about reproductive anatomy, and who don't know the difference between sex myths and sex facts.

Pain is usually caused by being too dry, too nervous, or not in the mood enough.  

Bleeding can be caused by a thick hymen tearing.  But most hymens are thin and break long before a girl has sex.  Hymens can break from things like gymnastics, riding horses, and using tampons.  So bleeding during sex is more often a result of being too dry.  When a girl is dry, the delicate vaginal tissue can tear easily from the friction of sex.

So before a girl has sex it is very important for her to do research.  She needs to understand her body and lubrication.  She needs to know the difference between sex myths and sex facts.  She needs to understand STDs, fertility, and birth control.  She needs to have at least one method of birth control that she knows how to use.  And she needs to feel comfortable with her partner and emotionally ready for sex.
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Use protection and remember this is your first time you will remember it for the rest of your life make sure it is with someone you can stand to remember or want to remember when you repeat the story later on in life, remember no matter how young you are std are out there and anyone can be a carrier please be safe you will be fine just make sure it is what I want.
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I agree use protection and make sure it is the person you truly love, I would say as a guy it wouldn't hurt at all, but it may not last long, as a girl, yes my first time hurt, but I cried over loosing my virginity to someone I didn't love, only because I was afraid to say NO. So make sure this is really what you want!
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Agreeing with what others have said it does hurt for a brief period because your body is stretching to make room for him (in some cases it even hurts the guy too) and you can bleed as well but its not a lot at all, about the same amount as a paper cut. The most important thing is to make sure that its the right guy and that he goes slow at first and is gentle and that you are turned on. If you're not wet then the friction will hurt a lot more, if you're wet then its slippery and goes in a lot easier.
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I think you should wait girlfriend and try to get to know him much better. You never know, maybe the only thing that he wants is sex. Anyway he is still young and exited ,wants to explore stuff. My bf also did the same thing but I told him to wait till I was ready and he waited for three years and that proved  how much he loved me. Take your own time and don't do what you don't want to do. Be careful.
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You sound really excited. Physically, maybe it wouldn't be as painful as when a girl loses her virginity.  

I hope you will use every precaution against sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy.  You did not say if it is also the first time of the girl.  If it is, please be gentle with her.  And be gentle with yourself, too.

I hope that this event will be memorable in a romantic kind of way.

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