Is It Unusual For A 17 Year Old To Never Have Had A Girlfriend?


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Your time will come. The right little lady has just not came along. When you say you have never been ask to a dance, next time you do the asking or if no dance ask the girls out for a coke or a movie. Don't worry though, you have plenty of tome and there are plenty of girls out there.
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Blake Smith
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Well, I have asked, and they rejected me, and I know several guys who get asked out all the time. It's true.
Ronnie Maye
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Give it time my friend, things will happen for you. It just happens for some before it does others, You are young and have a lot of time. Just enjoy your friends, be the best you can, treat everyone good and you wil get lucky. I know.
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I attended high school with a few guys like you. In the end it amounted to the fact that they were either very opinionated, very distant or always had to be "right".

You need to look outside the box, to accept other people's opinions and lifestyles. In other words, you have a lot of things yet to experience and a lot of growing up to do.

Good luck!!
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Blake Smith
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Well, I acutally disagree. I'm not opinionated, but girls are ATTRACTED to opinionated men.

Just because I try not to be like every other teenager, I get ridiculed. For example, owning a cell phone, texting constantly, and shopping is what a lot of teens do. HOWEVER, I chose to take hikes, do family oriented things, read, write, and I love baseball.

The point is, I don't text on cell phones, I try to be different, and girls really don't like that.
Jo W.
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You are trying to be "normal", and that is admirable, but normal in today's day and age is MUCH different than it was when I grew up in the 1960s and '70s (I am 46 and have a 22-year-old daughter).

Hikes and family oriented things are wonderful things to do, and things that we did with our daughter, but a lot of kids today were not brought up in that way and don't see things as you and I do.

Not all girls are attracted to opinionated men, Gorillaz, especially at this age when they, like you, are trying to figure out who they are and what they want out of life. Young ladies at this age want caring, fun and understanding. Being opinionated will come later, when we want to have a good argument! LOL

Lighten up and stop being so hard on yourself and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the turn of events.

I'm sorry if I seemed to be a little hard on you.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend! Jo
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I have had many friends when i was your age who like yourself, never bothered much with the dating game. I am 51 now, and i can tell you that they are all married with kids.its not about looks, its about self confidence. Fear of rejection is the main problem. For me, i could care less when i was a teenager about rejection. I simply shrugged my shoulders and moved on. But my friends would have avoided it completely by just watching from the sidelines and by getting more involved in sporting activities and other courses. A time will come when a certain girl will come into your life and before you know it you will be going out on a date with her, and you will wonder what all the worry was about. Now i am not saying you will end up marrying this girl, but it will break the ice for you and dating will come easily. Don't worry, be happy. :)
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No its not have to understand girls nowadays are diff. They seem to like the bad a-s-s type of guys..and that's because they are still young and doesnt know that its important to find a nice guy to settle down with. No woman wants to settle with bad men. And if there are, they're not looking for a husband, they are looking for thrills.
So dont change yourself to fit in. This is why our world is the way it is now. People have lost their way and being peered pressured into doing things they dont like.
And altho weight shouldnt be an issue but it is......if you think women want look nice all the time to attract men, then men should do the same thing to attract women. As much as i hate to admit it but physical appearances are somewhat important because most of us are superficial....and i read your profile, you tend to do things that girls (between the age of 16-20) find boring.
Anyways, you'll find a very lovely girl just be patient..
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Not weird at all . I applaud you actually. I have a friend who is 23 years old in the same situation. He is still a virgin even. Also a straight male, very attractive with a great personality. I tell him how proud of him i am also. You just have your priorities in the right spot and in this day and age you can't be too careful with your heart or your body. It will happen for you though just keep being you and let it just happen. You are still a young man also enjoy life. I tell my boys girls are nothing but (I tell my girls the same but the opposite:)) good luck.
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You have obviously not asked the right girl "for you"yet. Do you feel you need a "girlfriend" b/c everyone else has one? If everyone was jumping off the bridge...would you jump too? I hope not! Show your independence. Stop looking for "anyone" to date. When the time is right, you will find a mate. Until then, relax and enjoy bachelorhood! You have your whole life to date. Don't spoil the fun of being young,single and FREE!
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Know what?having a girlfriend is not easy before you go into it think first if you are ready to take whatever the risk...if you want to have instead of very beautiful girl think of a girl who can love you through thick and thin....well if you want to have a girlfriend in a good reason...i guess there is a girl who is right for you a girl that can make you say "what more can i wish for?i already find her"...good luck be happy...true love waits..
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No not really its just you'll find your perfect match faster than other people because since you have never had a relationship you will treat your partner with more respect i assure you..... You will find your true love soon
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Hello Im 14 Yer old and I never have a girlfriend! And there is about 3 girls ho likes me but I don't. And there Is one girl in my school i like her but i very shy and im afraid she don't like me.
Please someone help me!

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