Is There Such Thing As A Second Chance Virginity?


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No its not a such thing, once its gone its gone. Thats just the way it is, so thats why everybody should think before they do it.
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Virginity isn't real so sure why not

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When a person loses their virginity, things happen to his/her body that never happens again. But in other way God has the power to restore your emotionally, spiritually and mentally to a place where you can be pure and whole again. Committing to chastity after mistakes is possible and helps you become an amazing gift for your future spouse. God can restore a person’s virginity. Have faith, pray and believe. He loves giving people a fresh start. It’s time for yours.

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No not in this life,once you use it you lose it, you hear people saying that because they have not been sexually active for a while but believe me they are not virgins...good luck
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Desent ratings would be nice,everyone told you the samething ,sorry you won't ever be a virgin again and whom ever told you that you could lied to of luck to you

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