Is it bad that I have never had a girlfriend before? I'm 17 and I lied to my friends when they asked me if I ever had a girlfriend in the past.


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Tbh, I'm 18 years old and I recently got my first girlfriend. She was so happy when she found out that she was my first. Trust me when I say that most/some girls love being a guy's first in anything.

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You sure?
Lmao did she come on to you first and than you dates her? or did you just go up to her an ask her out without her coming and being attracted to you?
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ofc i asked her first
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No worries, my friend. I didn't have my first date until I was 21. We've been married about 3 years now. Getting into the dating game later is actually a good thing, in my opinion, as it allows for a more mature relationship. Good luck!

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No it is not bad. The consequences of your decision will be a lot better than inexperienced relationships with the opposite sex. Just look around you and see what has happened to the inexperienced and the consequences that they are suffering. Talk to someone older that know you and love you so that can draw from their life's experience to help you at this time in your life. You sound like a nice person.

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To tell a lie is never a good thing, if you do not want to give an answer to a question say nothing.,change the subject. Ephesians 4:25 states, " Now that you have put away deceit, each one of you speak truth with his neighbor."

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Victoria Carroll , No, your just waiting for the right one and for when you feel like your ready. :) , answered

No, your just waiting for the right one and for when you feel like your ready. :)

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Try to enjoy this time by yourself,

it won't last much longer.

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I'm 18 and still single to this day. Relationships are overrated in my opinion. Until you meet the right girl, stay single and ready to mingle;). Enjoy the freedom

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No it is definately not. To date is a serious matter. We are often pressured into doing this because everyone else is doing it. Never let anyone put you in a situation where you have to compromise Your integrity or moral compass. Often times we make rash decisions in our youth that we regret later in life. Take your time.

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