Am I weird?

I am 17 years old and I study high-school . I like to go to the movies, buy clothes and go out to eat. I played American football, not anymore. I have an average of 86, without making much effort. I consider myself an extrovert, I like to speak in public, participate and get attention. I have socialization problems. I speak with many, but I am the one who initiates the conversation, they rarely write to me or call me. I've never had a girlfriend, just a few dates. I would like to go out more, but my colleagues hardly invite me. My classmates make fun of me and it affects me a lot. They never tell me the reason. Sometimes I play videogames. And I read a lot. With the above, what do you suggest to be more interesting and less strange?


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Joyce Hall answered

I agree. Get away from the bullies and hang around someone who likes you for you.

You can find then if you want to. Even nerds have friends.

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star gazing answered

Absolutely nothing you described sounds strange. Sounds really average, actually, just like every other guy I know at my school.

Maybe you need to get away from those people (bullies) in particular. Ive been in a few classes where it was amazingly just full of bullies, and everyone else fits in by singling out a person. But I would switch into another classroom, and it would be full of positive people who aren't too stuck up to include even the weirdest quiet dude in the corner.

From the info given, I say you probably don't need to change anything about yourself.

Don't ask the bullies "why" they're bullying you. Most of the time, they bully someone "just because". That's high school for you.

Try to stay confident and just trust that in 2 years later, your whole situation will be brand new and you'll foret about these people. Think back 2 years, what do you remember?

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I have got news for you. We are all weird. That is what makes the world interesting. And high school is weird for everyone.  Find the people that accept you for who you are and don't try to be Mr. Popularity. You really don't want to peak in high school. 

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