I am a 23 year old girl and never had a bf before. What could I possibly be doing wrong? I haven't done online dating because I want to find love the traditional way but men don't approach me, ask me out, or show interest in me whenever I go out in public. I have tried some volunteering activities and a few organizations but I still haven't met any guy who was interested in me. I am so scared/sad that I will be lonely forever and won't ever find someone.


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Approach them ! They love it when a woman does that. Just keep your approach classy.

You seem to be doing the social thing right,...volunteering and organizations. Not sure what could be wrong.

Is there a trusted friend that you could pose this question to and get an honest answer from ?

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Trust me there is someone for everyone out there and the only way you can meet someone is find places to meet people. Such as Bowling leagues , Church, Bingo, Social gatherings.. Look at me i been Single since age 35-36 cause i just have bad streak of meeting someone and I'm age 50 now.. I feel this way if i meet someone it happens if i don't than i will die without meeting a Woman to take as my wife yes it happens.. Life doesn't promise us a rose garden that's for sure but it's life and things happen.. We can search to were blue in the face and we may never meet that special someone. Well,  Best Wishes and never give up .

P.S. Also remember we need to make God part of our life's even if it's just a prayer twice a day. Thank him for what you got no matter what it is, we all need to be thankful :) God Bless You !!!

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There are two reasons a guy won't approach you.
1) You seem boring.
2) You're so pretty that they get intimidated.

Initiate! Just be yourself, socialize and have fun!
It's best to start out by getting some new friends and moving on from there.

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