What Sort Of Words Get A Man's Attention?


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"Hey sailor!" That normally works as well as "free beer" and "nekkid women" don't do too bad, either. Start the conversation with the standards of cars, guns, sports, whatever he likes then steer it where you want to go. I have a feeling I'm preaching to the choir here, anyway so will let that stand as my answer.
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Penny Kay
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Best laugh of the day, good job!
carrie commented
Free beer always works--especially when you are trying to get the attention of a group of men!! Nekkid women always good too but don't know if i would use it in front of my mom!
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"Mother will be staying a while" was often said by my wife in front of her mother, and it got my attention every time.
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Hmmm, things that you can say in front of your mother to get a man's attention...ummm how about "The game is starting in 5 minutes." That would have gotten my ex husband's attention.
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For my computer geek vroom doesn't get him electronics do, so if you played music or he could surf the web on you it would be awesome lol. Guess the words would be power on and power off. Beer and alcohol get his attention too.
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Dinners ready....anyone want pizza...anyone want a snack.....honey we're leaving...it's time to go pick up the kids....the movie starts in five four three two one.....
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When I want to get my husband's attention, I just say "Hey! Big Boy!".  I have no idea what goes through his head hearing that, but he'll always look up and listen.  LOL! -- Is that akin to "Hey Sailor"?
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"We could go out, sometime, and have fun.  What do you think?"
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Well, I dunno about all the other guys, but guys like me who don't understand why women never bother with us like other things. If you're trying to get a gentleman's attention when you don't know him, mayhaps you should talk about the place or situation. Or something that you thought was interesting. 

Or maybe how about "Hey, want to date?" Hahaha... Anyways, tell me if I'm the only one who took the question seriously.

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