What Is The Best Way To Get A Teenage Boys Attention?


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Boys can be annoying. At times, don't wory. You never actually know what they want so honey, don assume. I'm 14 and hell, guys are so confusing! But if you really want a guy to notice you crack jokes.... Talk in a corner then say his name aloud and laugh and if he (sitting in another corner of the classroom) looks up just smile at him... The rest will fall in place.... Unless he thinks your a freak. If that happens, again no worries.
Be more postiive and particpative in class but if your the sweet and innocent then hang out with some of his friends. That'll get his attention..HAVE FUN! ;)
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Ugghh!! Great question:) There's this girl in my grade Hallie. She has the most gorgeous face and eyes and the nicest butt:) She's sooo hottt and she knows it that's why me and all my friends like her. She also has the best ways too get a boys attention. My fav is when I'll be standing in the middle of the hall with all my friends and she'll walk right through us and say get outta the way. Then we'll all just stare at her butt and she'll turn around and smile. She's good:)
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Teenage boys are wired to... Notice certain things... If you just want attention, not hard to get... However if you want a boy who has something besides getting laid on his mind, then he is looking for personality - be yourself, if you try to be something you arent, it will never work in the long run, one of the reasons that 50% of marriages don't last more than 10 years anymore, people are trying to be who they arent, and are only interested in temporary things, that wear off with time
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Yeah.. The best way is be true at yourself, always smile..
I don't know but, they said I have a great smile and I a'm a really good person..
That's what my boyfriend said, that some of my classmates have a crush on me..
There's no way for girls to change their self, for boys attention..
Some of boys really like a simple girl..
I think..
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If you really think that this is a wise choice then try being friendly by that I mean nice to him and talk to him
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There is no definite answer for this question. It is different for every boy. I am not that good at answering questions like how to get someone's attention, though, as I mostly seek methods to avoid attention and roam unnoticed.
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Well the best way is be yourself and smile
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Change yourself...
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Sorry im a teenage boy but why should a girl change her self she is who she is and she will find her perfect match no matter what x
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You have to be really dirty and ask him if he wants you to suck his dik, thats what I do, I get all the guys

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