Should Children Be Seen Not Heard?


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Children are humans and should be respected---unlike you---sorry if i am being mean but children have feelings and they should be respected. It is not fair that people go around saying "oh in the grocery store the other day I saw this kid that was totally mentol! I just hate those kids"
NOOOOO the child obviously had something wrong with him. Some of them are born with a genetic disorder! Some cannot help it. Some are raised just like some of you big mouths hypocrits!!!!!! And some are just being a kid. Everyone does it everyonce in a while. And the parents? Yes they should be taking charge of their kid, but no one should judge them. They are trying their best. Some just need a pat on the back every once in a while-maybe some kind advice. It can go far.
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You are not to ask and then answer your own Question. Thank You.
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Wow! Is this you or your child you are talking about, how did you get to give a answer to your own question? Perhaps the mods have over looked something here......
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Well no da we should no treat are children in that way that a ridiculous question and if your serious you may have lost some marbles
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That's rude. Kids are humans and you were once a kid too. If you treat them like crap now, do you actually think they will grow up to be wise, smart, respected? No
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Yes, because they can start to scream and then the person i charge hear them then go running to them
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Some children are just plain rude and hateful. As we can see by your disrespectful question. From your postings on this page, either your parents haven't set a good example, or you have a genetic default. You should definitely be seen and not heard. Sorry.
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I think all children should be heard, it is the job of the adult to teach the child respect, how to verbalize what they have to say in a respectful manner, after all they are human, if they are rude that is a reflection of the parent......the best to you
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G'day Lovechrist,

Thank you for your question.

It depends on the circumstances. In most circumstances, children are OK. In circumstances where quiet is needed, they should be shushed or sent outside so they don't disrupt everyone else.


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